What Should We Take Into Account When Choosing The Ideal Wheelchair?

As we say, it is an easy task, as long as we are clear about what we need, and the environment in which we will use it, without forgetting the physical and mental faculties of the person who is going to help in their day to day. Therefore, we recommend that you follow these five simple points so that you take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the best manufacturers. The best tips for choosing a wheelchair

The Material Of The Chair

In this case, we have different manufacturing materials that can be oriented according to what use we are going to give it, so it will mean different costs and characteristics that we summarize below:

Aluminum Chairs

It is the lightest material of the three that we analyzed for this product. In a wheelchair in which force is used manually, weight is really important. It is a material that offers, due to its lightness, greater ease of transporting it, and being handled in self-management or with help

Low-Density Steel Chairs

We are talking about a light steel, similar to the usual one but with the peculiarity that there is less density or weight when manufacturing it. If the tubes are thinner, the weight is reduced. It is a middle ground in every way and we can advise you if the wheelchair does not require daily transport.

Steel Chairs

These types of chairs are the heaviest, and for this reason, our advice is to orient them to a more limited use in an environment such as the home, being limited the times that we must transport them. In its favor, we must highlight the robustness and durability, withstanding blows and transport better than chairs made of other materials.

The Type Of Armrest

Luckily, today armrests are things that any manufacturer takes into account. Normally, this part of the chair is usually a removable accessory in order to facilitate user access from the side. What may seem like an extra or luxury, is essential when moving between furniture or going to the bathroom.

The removable armrest makes day-to-day and everyday activities much easier. Of course, that the armrests are adjustable is something very to consider. Let’s not forget that the fact that this accessory is adjustable taking into account the hours of use of the chair, will avoid neck pain, shoulders and possible injuries. You should also put cars like wheelchair accessible SUV into consideration, get a wheelchair that is car accessible.