How the 2020 BMW X2 Makes an Ideal Buy

The 2020 X2 is a luxury soaked SUV from the house of BMW that trades also for its utility that doesn’t get compromised for its ultra-styling cues. The experts of automobiles across the globe admit that the 2020 BMW X2 is one of the most style-oriented luxury oriented SUV, that puts everything in place in spite of its bite-sized structure. The brand name though is enough to assure its quality, we take pleasure in describing what we experienced, at the showroom of one of the San Luis Obispo car dealerships, where we booked a test drive with the 2020 BMW X2 model.

Styling and Finishing Touches

When a vehicle logo reads BMW, there is an automatic impression created in the minds of the onlookers. But nothing should be taken for granted, as with the current trend, many new competitors are rising their heads, in the segment of premium luxury vehicles. The 2020 edition of X2 series however continues to lead its class, in many respects, among which its styling and finishing touches come up in the first row.

The 2020 BMW X2 model cuts out a sleek profile with an equally sleek roofline. Though curiosity might arise if that comes with a compromise in the interior room, the manufacturer can assure that it didn’t. The 2020 X2 series of crossover continues to offer one of the most rewarding experience, whether you sit behind the wheels, or occupy the rear seats to enjoy the ride.

The 2020 BMW X2 surely makes a bold statement when it comes to attribute the crossover with the most sophisticated looks with its roofline taking a slight droop towards both the sides, that take a subtle curve at the midway before it ends it journey towards the rear end. The curves are smooth all over the body while the approach looks sober yet intriguing with its big kidney grilles.

Powerline Options

The entire range of the 2020 BMW X2 series involves a 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine but in two flavors.  It can either be configured as front-wheel-drive trim that names it the sDrive28i or can be ordered as all-wheel-drive which is called as the xDrive28i trim. The engine can make 228-horsepower but there is also an optional turbo-4 version that is used to power the M35i with 302-hp. As a default an 8-speed automatic transmission is chosen for the engines to ship their power to the respective wheels with high precision to ensure a composed ride which can only be derived from an above-the-average handling. All the 2020 BMW X2 models roll on the road with large sized wheels that help the curb weight stay firm and can act still better if equipped with the optional adaptive dampers.

Summing it Up

We visited almost all the luxury car dealers near San Luis Obispo who sell BMW models, to know the opinions of the visitors there who have experienced a test drive with the 2020 X2 series, just as we did. It was just to double conform our belief, that the 2020 BMW X2 series can be still tagged as one of the best buys, if one can afford to pay for this much luxury that seeps through every utility aspect that is offered in this high end luxury crossover.