Types of extended car warranty for all vehicles

Service repairs are reaching skies with high costs, so it is advised that you get an extended coverage for your vehicle. Extended warranties are a great investment to cover future expenses on any damage to your vehicle. There are various types of warranties to cover various types of warranties. Damages from accidents or part failure are covered from these warranties. Concord auto protect is one of the best companies to give warranties to all vehicles. Manufacturer’s warranty is given at the time of purchase which only lasts for a few years. Extended warranty is given to you after the manufacturer’s warranty can no longer help you cover any damage costs.

Types of extended warranty  

Power train- It comes under another category, the ‘stated component’ warranty. It lists the parts that are covered under the warranty. The list includes the drive train parts of the vehicle including engine, drive axle and transmission. These parts are crucial in a vehicle and thus very expensive, so covering them under a warranty is very important. The warranty will also include some extras like fuel system, a/c and other electrical parts. 

Wrap – What isn’t covered in the power train category that comes under the wrap warranty. Some vehicles would just have the power train warranty; in such cases other parts are covered by the wrap warranty. Other major parts of your vehicle like the door system, diesel injection system, braking system, steering system are covered in this category.  

Exclusionary – The highest level of warranty is the exclusionary one which covers almost all the parts of a vehicle. The list includes the parts that are not listed under the warranty, as it covers most parts; it is easier to list what is not included under the warranty. The exclusionary warranty covers more than the power train warranty and wrap warranty covers together.