Car cover outside and inside:

: outdoor car cover

Make your choice among the different car covers for the interior that Car-Cover® offers you. For example, the Classic auto tarpaulin, the Silver-Zip car cover, the Couture or Premium custom car cover, or the inflatable car covers. These car covers will protect your vehicle indoors to keep it in perfect condition.

Inner car cover:

Car covers are of high quality and protect both your car indoors and outdoors. Select the type of car cover that fits your needs: outer car cover or inner car cover. Depending on the type of parking chosen, different ranges of covers will then be proposed. The car cover for 4×4, estate, SUV or minivan interior is perfect for a vehicle parked in a garage. It effectively protects your car from dust, condensation, risk of shock and friction. The car cover for 4×4, station wagon, SUV or minivan outdoors is suitable for a vehicle parked for example on a parking space or in front of your house. It provides complete protection of your car against rain, sun, bird droppings, cat’s claws..