Five reasons why Hero splendor is the best value for money bike in India

Hero Splendor is one of the most successful 2-wheeler brands in the history of India. In a country like India, where people tend to go for value for money prospects, Splendor has created a rage with its highly efficient and refined entry-level bikes.

Millions of happy customers speak volumes of the great reliability and emotional touch with people in India. The impeccable comfort on offer makes them one of the most convenient bikes to ride. But the prominent reason for its success is the constantly changed designs, patterns and technology which gives many exciting options for the enthusiasts.

In this modern era of thrilling and enthralling bikes, Hero has maintained a massive fanbase among people of all ages. Be it youth or the older adults; Hero has created an inseparable bond with the people in India.

With options like Hero splendor pro, Hero splendor ismart, Hero splendor pro plus, Hero splendor plus i3s  and Hero splendor ismart 110. The Hero has taken this entry level bike segment to a whole new level of success and belief. The refined 97.2 cc engine is highly acclaimed and tested on Indian roads and has given amazing results.

The fuel efficiency of 65km/l is amongst the best mileages for a bike in the country. People have further claimed that if driven adequately the bikes have also crossed the 75 km/l barriers. That’s Astounding. Thus, following are the five reasons why Hero Splendor is the best value for money bike in India.

  1. Reliability- The Hero Splendor has been around for decades now, and it has proved its mettle in all the aspects of an incredibly reliable vehicle provider. The Hero splendor Pro and Hero splendor pro plus are believed to last for many years without any obstacles in their efficiency, and there are negligible products from the company which have malfunctioned in the initial stages of the bikes life.
  2. Incredible Fuel-efficiency- The Hero is well renowned for whopping efficiency in the mileage department. These bikes can travel numerous miles in a single litre of petrol. In many instances, people have claimed to extract an incredible 80 km from 1 litre of petrol.

The Hero splendor ismart 110 comes with a certified 75 kmpl of mileage in certain conditions. This itself describes the amazing calibre of the Hero vehicles. In-country like India, people always prefer incredible mileage numbers over the power of the two-wheeler. A rare commodity of people goes for the Fuel-burners of 200 cc and more. Thus, Splendor becomes great value for money prospect.

  1. Great Resale values- Hero is a highly esteemed and reliable brand. The high efficiency of the vehicle makes it convenient for people to pay a decent amount of money even for the three or 4-year-old vehicles. Splendor Pro, Hero splendor pro plus and Hero splendor i3s are amongst the most successful pre-owned bikes bought by thousands of customers. The Hero agency also gives great flexibility on the negotiation of the prices.
  2. Highly affordable prices- The bikes like Splendor Pro, Hero splendor pro plus are available for as much as 53 000 on-road price, which is incredible for a high quality bike. The Hero splendor ismart 110 costs around 59,000 On-Road prices as it is equipped with a powerful 109 cc Engine which extracts 9.30 BHP of power. Thus, a perfect blend of performance and pricing makes them the best value for money bike. The Hero Splendor Pro Price is amongst the best sellers in the market.
  3. The durability of the engines- These Hero Splendor bikes are capable of churning out great numbers on the odometer and may last you for at least 50 000 km.