Chevrolet Connect: Infotainment that Offers Entertainment with Safety

Chevrolet Connected Services in combination with OnStar Safety and Security Plans is one of the best things you get to see in the Chevrolet vehicles. It is not only the most advanced infotainment system that has multiple options for your vehicle to stay connected, but also the tool through which you can get functionalities like in-vehicle diagnostics and emergency safety assistance, real-time navigation with the help of its in-built 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity that in usual times allow the passengers to stream media files while on the go.

The sales team who assisted us while our visit to the Lexington Chevrolet dealership showroom,demonstrated us explicitly how it works and how we can benefit from the Chevrolet Connect System.

Infotainment Services

Chevrolet Connect equips your Chevrolet vehicle model with the following entertainment and information services related to internet connectivity:

Remote Key Fob

Integrated with the myChevrolet Mobile App, now the engine of your Chevrolet vehicle can be started, stoppedwhile you can sound itshorn standing wherever you are and can lock or unlock the doors almost from anywhere. All this can be done with the help of the Chevrolet Connect Services that virtually connects your Chevrolet vehicle with you.

Diagnostics On-Demand

If the light your dashboard lit up for a warning, all you have to do is push the blue OnStar button and running the Advisor that can check the issue through the On-Demand Diagnostics feature of the Chevrolet Connect system, even when you are driving.

Locating your Vehicle

Using the map, the Chevrolet Connect can locate your vehicle in a crowded parking lot, set definite boundary alerts, and share custom notifications of its arrivals and departures.

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

With the Real-time traffic information, the touch-screen Chevrolet Connect Infotainment System can help you reach your destination through the best possible route through its Turn-by-Turn Navigation feature.

Safety and Emergency Services

The Chevrolet Connect infotainment system has acquire more weightage by offering the following safety and emergency services:

Automatic Crash Response

The built-in sensors in your Chevrolet vehicle integrated with the Chevrolet Connect system can automatically establish a connection with an Emergency Medical Dispatch-certified Advisor for you even when you are unable to call for help by yourself.

Emergency Services

The one push red Emergency button of the Chevrolet Connect system establishes a priority connection with an Emergency Medical Dispatch-certified Advisor who can provide critical assistance service to the professionals to locate your vehicle till they reach you.

Crisis Alert

If there is any event of severe weather or natural disastercrisis, the OnStar Advisors can be connected through the Chevrolet Connect system who can further help its Members finding their way to their destination.

Roadside Assistance

Getting stranded in the middle of the road or having a flat tire, is common for car owners. The Chevrolet Connect in pair with the OnStar Advisor can now help you out by sending immediate roadside assistance to your vehicle.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

If your vehicle gets stolen, the Chevrolet Connect with the help of OnStar can help you locate your vehicle and connect with the local authorities who can help you in recovering it.

To sum up, the latest Chevrolet Connect infotainment system as shown by the Lexington Chevrolet dealership staff would make you experience the power of technology if you drive a recent Chevrolet model.