Useful Tips to Clean your Car at a Budget-Friendly Price

Those who own cars also own some bits of pride, even now. But that pride is quite proportionate to the well being and overall appearance of their cars. A dirty, faded and untidy car speaks much about the owner in a negative perspective. But if you’re not ready for a detailed cleaning because that can be quite expensive, we have few useful tips from the staff who serve at the New Jersey Hyundai service center that will go easy on your wallet, as the materials we suggest here must be already lying around in your house.

Easy Washing

Washing your car this way can bring about the desired effect of a professional wash. Mix in a little amount of hair conditioner that is constituent of lanolin in a bucket of clean water to get the best results.

ShineUpthe Paint

Your car surface can look awful if there are signs of tree sap, bird droppings, tar, and dried bugs that not only make the car look ugly but are also quite difficult to be removed. To make the procedure easier, use a little WD-40 component in replacement of regular bug and tar removers. You can spray this solution in small amount on whatever you want to remove from the surface of your car, make it stay on the surface for a couple of minutes and then simply wash it off. For stubborn stains, use a clean cloth and gently rub on the surface applying a little more of this solution to speed up the process.

Cleaning the Glass Surfaces

For a total showroom effect, you need to clean the glass surfaces of your car really well. That will include the windshield and the windows. For this use some generous quantity of vinegar, replacingthe most commonly used ammonia, as the latter can harm the window tints.

To be on the safer side, you can also go for anammonia-free window cleaner to clean the windows from inside the vehicle, as it can drop on the seats and the hard plastic area of the window.

For rubbing, it is better to use crumpled newspaper instead of paper towels as that will last longer on your hand than the paper towels. Now sprinkle some tartar cream on the dry windshieldand wipe it down with lightly mixed soapy water. Rinse it thoroughly and dry it with a clean towel for a sparkling effect.

Cleaning the Interior

The same above-mentioned WD-40 solution will also come handy to clean up your car interior surfaces as well. To remove any sticky element and stubborn grease especially from the surface of its fabrics, spray a bit of this solution on the affected area, keep rubbing it gently with a clean cloth, follow it up with some soap and water and you are done.

Mix one amount of fresh lemon juice with two parts of olive oil for the hard surfaces inside your car. Dab the same on a soft cloth and work on the plastic and vinyl surfaces by gently rubbing it in circular motion.The staff of the New Jersey Hyundai maintenance center suggest to avoid using this solution on the steering wheel and the pedals. Use a car interior air freshener to fill your cabin atmosphere with a beautiful aroma.