Items You Should Have for Cleaning Your Car

Cleaning your car should not feel like a chore; it should be a joy to clean your ride. There is much you could do to improve the experience of cleaning your car including getting the right items.

Car Smart has all the car cleaning equipment you will ever need. The following are the items you ought to have when cleaning your car:

Bucket and Sponge

It is best to start with the basics. You cannot clean even the smallest of cars without a bucket and sponge.

To be more accurate, you should have a bucket with soapy water and another with clean water. That way you can clean quickly without leaving spot on the car.

A good sponge not only holds soapy water making it easy to clean but it also does not scratch your vehicle when cleaning.

Car Wash Liquid

There are a multitude of car washing liquids being sold today. It is confusing to know exactly which one to choose.

You should buy a liquid with neutral pH so there are no hard water spots on your car as a result of minerals in the water.

You should also choose a liquid that easily lathers as it will eliminate the grime and grit on your car.

Wheel Cleaner and Brush

Your car wheels are the dirtiest part of your vehicle. Cleaning hem is often an arduous task. Mud, grime and dirt is very difficult to clean.

There are wheel cleaning liquids that make it easier to clean your wheels. When you see them alongside a wheel brush, the results are even more marvelous.

You should test the cleaner on a part of your wheel to ensure that it does not ruin your wheel finish.

Microfiber Towels

Once you have cleaned your car, it is time to dry it. In the past, Chamois was the material of choice for most car owners for drying their cars.

However, microfiber towels were introduced that were easier to use and resulted in less scratching of the bodywork.

You should always go for a microfiber towel with a high GSM count.

Polish and Wax

Polish and wax are crucial as they help shield your car from the elements. They also maintain your car’s paintjob making it glossy for a long time.

You should ensure you apply polish and wax to your vehicle every few months. Ensure you apply a good amount to create a perfect protective layer.

Detail Spray

After cleaning your car, you may still notice some water marks and spots when it is drying. These marks and spots are often missed when washing.

A detail spray will give your car great shine while removing these marks and spots. You should spray it over every part of your vehicle and clean it diligently with a microfiber cloth.

Interior Wipes and Cleaners

You spend most of the time inside your car so you should ensure that it is spick and span. It is the part that will experience the most damage.

You need clean and protect the interior surfaces of your car. The fabrics also need to be cleaned using damp cloth and cleaning fluid.