Different Tyre Types for Different Weather Conditions

There’s no specific tyre type that will perfectly cater for your car and road needs, all weather round. There are hybrids and they make a good attempt at taking the strong points of specialized tyres and putting them together. However, in extreme conditions, they may not perform adequately.  Some car owners are aware that there are different tyre types for different needs; however, the tyre prices in Dubai might be a reason they keep on using the wrong tyres. Perhaps after reading this article, you’ll then understand the importance for specialized tyres in many cases, and might be willing to make the necessary investments.

Different Tyre types

There are a whole lot of different tyre types, but we’ll be talking basically about talking about 4 tyre types. Summer tyres, winter tyres, all season tyres, and Run flat tyres. The major difference in these tyres basically is the size of their grooves (tread pattern) and of course the compound the tyres are made from.

Summer Tyres

The grooves in summer tyres are smaller than those for winter tyres. These smaller treads help to give as much contact as possible with the road, and also help to improve water clearance. Summer tyres have excellent braking and traction during the summer months. The special compounding gives summer tyres exceptional grip and handling in the warmer months, both in wet and dry conditions.  In colder situations though, like when the temperature drops below 7 degree Celsius, these tyres can no longer be trusted. The tyres become hard and brittle; it becomes very dangerous or almost impossible to use them, depending on the level of snow.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are softer due to the fact that they are made with more natural rubber. So in those cold temperatures where summer tyres get brittle, winter tyres are still flexible and responsive.  The tread pattern on winter tyres are deeper, therefore they provide more grip in snow and ice.  There groove patterns also helps displace water and slush, this helps reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

All Season Tyres

These tyres types are the most used tyre types. They provide the advantage of both worlds. Therefore they work in both summer months and winter months. However, when the weather gets to its extremes, they won’t serve properly; you might still have to result to specialized tyres. So, for example in the hottest parts of the year in Dubai, you might just have to change to your summer tyres.  If you insist on using it during extreme weather conditions not only will they not serve adequately, but you’ll also be reducing their life span.

RunFlat Tyres

This is not exactly new technology, however, it is very important technology and on its release years ago it was a game changer. Run flat tyres basically are tyres that could be said to have an extra life. So that is to say if the tyre gets punctured or for any reason is deflated, the tyre can still function for a while, until you get to a place where you can stop and change it.  RF tyres will run for about 80km or 50 miles more after they are damaged. However, these tyres cannot be fixed again; you’d have to replace them.


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