Truest Options for the Auto Wrecking

In other words, you can cut your car into metal and take it to a recycling center, but its physical absence does not exempt you from formal ownership of it. In order not to pay the transport tax for the rest of his life, it will still have to be deregistered. And how are you going to do this? Report theft?

If you no longer need an old, rusty and already driving car, you should dispose of it. It is not difficult to do this: it is enough to contact the company, which is engaged in the processing of used vehicles. With the Tonys Auto wreckers you can have the smartest deal.

How much is it?


Yes, the obligation of Russians to pay the utilization fee when buying a car is established by paragraph 1 of Article 24-1 of the Law on Production and Consumption Wastes dated June 24, 1998, introduced in 2012. But this fee for a particular car is one-time it is paid once.

Who? Currently, manufacturers and importers of automobiles, about which a corresponding entry is made in the TCP

Instead, it may be another, which indicates the grounds for exemption from payment of the fee. Instead of the mark on the payment of the utilization fee, the TCP also previously marked the acceptance of obligations for the disposal of the vehicle.

If the passport was issued before September 1, 2012, there is no such entry in it. If it was issued later than the specified date, but there is no record of the disposal fee in the “Special Marks” section, the car owner who wishes to dispose of the machine will have to pay this fee.

Some recycling companies also promise money for metal – minus the cost of evacuating a used car from the address of its last parking lot. True, they will pay exclusively as for “Chermet”.

  • There is no need to worry about oil, fuel and other working fluids they will be merged and disposed of separately. But it is better to remove music, a navigator, attachments before sending a car for recycling. They can still be used on another machine or, for example, sold. This does not apply to license plates and documents for a car they will not be taken for recycling without both. With the Tonys wreckersyou can dinf the best choices as you go for the best deals there.
  • Do not forget about the state recycling program, which is valid when buying a new car in exchange for recycling the old one. In this case, the recycling company issues a certificate to the owner of the machine to be used, which can be used to purchase a new car from a dealer at a discount of 30-50 thousand rubles (check with the dealer about the models participating in this program).

Choose the right recycling company. It will not resell the car you received from you to third parties or for analysis – it will be guaranteed to be recycled for scrap (this is confirmed by the issuance of a certificate of disposal of the established sample). The owner of the car to be utilized must present the docks to the car to the utilizer – they will be returned to him along with the license plates.