Tires have to be adapted to their weather conditions

There is a wide range of tires for a lot of different purposes. You have different sizes, for different seasons, for different road conditions and for different vehicles. Since the weather has a profound impact on the driving safety of our cars, it is very important that you choose tires that are designed for the weather conditions that you aim to drive in. Your tire selection has a bigger impact on safety than most people realize. If you don’t carefully choose your car tires according to the weather, you might be in trouble. Tires are designed for a specific temperature range based on the rubber compound used. By using different additives, the tires are designed to have the correct softness, grip and wear properties, if you select the wrong tires you might get tires that have very little ability to perform as intended.

Driving with the wrong tires can be directly damaging to the tires as well as it can be dangerous for your safety. If you drive with winter tires during summer conditions, the wear will be unnecessarily high due to it being too soft. The same way that you can’t drive with all-season tires during winter conditions, as you would basically not have any grip, as the tire would be too hard at the low temperatures to comply with the surface. that is important to acknowledge in your tire selection, but also the quality of the tire.

Tires of high quality will use a lot of innovations in its tread design to improve the ability to remove water from the road surface. The tires need to remove or store water in the tread. The water that is removed has to quickly be channeled through the tread to the side of the tires, so that the tire will remain in contact with the road. If the tire loses contact with the road, it will plane on top of the water film and you will not have any control. Hydroplaning happens when you lose road contact and instead glide on the water. You don’t have any steering capabilities once you start gliding on top of the water. This is why this condition is so dangerous and is a big cause of the accidents that happen summer time when you have a thunderstorm.

For some areas the best tires are all-weather tires, which are designed as a compromise to span over a larger temperature range. They will have the right softness both in winter and in summer and is ideal for those who don’t want to have the hassle with changing tires and also for those who always want to be able to drive safely regardless of what weather condition you will face.

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