A Few Tips to Choose the Right Forklift Battery

A forklift battery has a great impact on the efficiency of your truck. It’s doesn’t only about truck battery, whether you buy deep cycle battery Canada for floor scrubbers, wheelchairs, lawn, and garden equipment, it has a high influence on your vehicle or equipment performance. This article highlights the greatest aspects you should consider to choose the best battery for your forklift.  

Brand and manufacturer of the battery

When the battery was produced, the performance and durability were significantly affected. When buying forklift batteries, batteries manufactured in outer regions with a reputation for producing cheap products should always be avoided. Even if the battery is produced locally, the manufacturer’s reputation must also be taken into consideration. An essential factor to keep in mind, the low price of a forklift will not be worth you in long run. 

Buy batteries with a warranty

When purchasing forklift batteries, the mistake most people do is to select a battery only because it belongs to a solid reputation producer. It is important to keep in mind that production errors may be terrible. Because forklift batteries are not inexpensive, you should focus more on batteries that come with a reasonable warranty cover. Read through always before you purchase to know what is covered.

You must also examine where the battery is being maintained if it is defective. Will it is shipped to your facility for repair or can a local expert come to handle the problem or does your forklift has to be sent away for repair? If the forklift will be sent away, means you have to stop its work for a long time.

Check if the battery has to be watered

Some forklift batteries need to be de-ionized or distilled water to be added after every 5 to 10 charges. The objective of the water is to prevent drying out and breaking of the active components in the battery. Of course, failure to water the battery may permanently harm or decrease the life span of the battery. Low maintenance and maintenance-free forklift batteries are also available.

Existing charging system

Chargers aren’t the same. Your 48-voltage average battery charger will not be compatible with each 48-volt battery. For the 36 chargers, the same thing comes true. It must also be recalled that most chargers cannot be converted to another voltage. To do this, you must examine the nomenclature data and discuss the compatibility of the charger with a battery provider. You probably won’t be able to utilize your present charger if you move into a battery of lithium-ion.