The heaviest motorsport in the world

Tractor Pulling is regarded as the “heaviest motorsport in the world.” The aim of tractor pulling is to find the strongest machine and the best driver. Unlike any other motorsport in the world, this is not about the pace, but about the distance pulled. The pulling track is 320 feet long to at least 30 feet high. Competitive motorsport where modified farm tractors, modified tractors or trucks move along a specified path with a metal sled. The sled comprises a weight-filled box that is winded mechanically forward as the sled moves along the course.

Pulling this ever-increasing load eventually causes the vehicle to lose impulse and torque, although a few may potentially reach the end of the course, known as a “full pull”. The distance from start to finish is calculated in one-thousandth of an inch and the tractor pulling the sled is declared the winner.

Competition-level tractors look like standard-issue farm equipment but at the basic body and tires, the similarities end. Tractor pulling is a sport based on horsepower and torque, which means that to produce as much power as possible, the engine must be changed. Different classes were created for tractors based on regulatory limitations. Modified limits for tractors are mostly based on weight. In various configurations, engines include drag-racing automotive type, jet turbines, aircraft, and industrial engines. Trucks come in 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive (naturally aspirated, shot, diesel) and semis powered.

One of the classical examples is The Midnight Mistress Pulling Board. It is a traditional Pulling Truck Two Wheel Drive. In 1993 and again in 1995, McDonald made a name for himself in the class by winning the coveted Bowling Green Circle. A quick review will clearly illustrate how successful The Midnight MIstress’s next owners have been. Roland and Fonda were with the Ohio State, TNT, and NTPA circuits as they won a bunch of wins within the Field Stock, Pro Stock, and Super Stock classes. Roland seized the NTPA Grand National Championship in 1991 which was a great achievement and still a treasure for Barr today.

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