Latest News on the Ford Escape Series

The 2020 Ford Escape series has always been a center of attraction for the car lovers who prefer to go with the latest trend of crossovers. Of late Ford has released the 2020 edition of its flagship model series Escape with a significantly more refined aura while making the environment conscious folks happy by bringing back its hybrid edition to the lineup.

The 2020 Ford Escape is one of those latest crossover SUV modelsthat pack in all the modern features in every aspect of them. For 2020, Ford brought the Escape series in three distinct flavors offering three different engine variants. At the bottom level you get a thrifty turbo-3 model, the next higher option is the turbo-4 hustler, and lastly comes the hybrid as well as plug-in hybrid onesthat leaves a greener option for those who care for the world.

According to a new Escape owner whom we met at the Imperial Ford dealer showroom, the best of the 2020 Escape lineup is the hybrid version that delivers a consistently smooth ride, while driving one will naturally be a breeze with its almost intuitive steering responses.

Trim Configurations

The Ford Escape series enters the market of crossovers this year in the garbs of S, SE, SE Sport, SEL, and Titanium models, each of which coming with distinctive configurations, ranging between the turbo and hybrid drivetrains offering the buyers also a choice to make from either the front- or all-wheel drive versions.

With these latest models of Escape, Ford is seen to be softening down the aggressive hatchback lines replacing them with some more organic touches making them more friendly towards the ecosystem.

While the Base models are powered by a turbo-3 engine paired to an 8-speed automatic transmission, the sporty models get to drive with a turbo-4 engine under their hoods that can run with all-wheel drive configurations.

Those who will drive any of the escape models of the 2020 year models would surely feel the difference of a redesigned suspension that endows the car with a better ride control that is unexpected from a car of this size, even after being driven with 19-inch wheels.

Creature Comfort and Other Features

Each of the 2020 Ford Escape models come with a decently laid interior cabin that are structured with big door openings to attain ease of access. Three adult passengers caneasily slip into the rear seat section and can sit comfortably enjoying the excellent leg room, while the front passenger obviously get a well-cushioned bucket seat to stay relaxed throughout a long drive. After placing all the car occupants in the seating area, the Escape still can spread up to 40 cubic feet of space for the cargo.

The sales staff of a Ford dealer near Imperial assured us that every 2020 Ford Escape will secure its occupants with its splendid safety technologies that counts functionalities like automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitors, adaptive cruise controland automatic parking assist to ease out the driving hazard for the driver, while a head-up display helps him out with the information he needs while taking a driving decision.