How Don Forman Gives Back To His Community To Help The Vulnerable Live Better Lives

Don Forman, the owner of Don Forman Nissan and Tustin, has been largely involved in philanthropy for the better part of his life. Having come a long way, Don Forman appreciates the value of giving back to the community. He has been actively engaged in several community projects in which he has showcased his charity and love for humanity. Unlike other car dealerships operating in Las Vegas, Don Forman is a firm believer in the power of giving and as such has stood with the less fortunate people in the society to help them realize their dreams. Besides taking part in community projects and helping people stuck due to natural calamities, Don Forman has also assisted many needy families and students to pursue their education and careers. His sponsorship programs are globally recognized in several institutions of learning. 

As a business mogul and world-class entrepreneur, Don Forman has not just been focused on the business component of his enterprise. Instead, he has carefully and creatively combined his business acumen with philanthropy, a mix that has seen him make significant steps in strengthening his business empire while at the same time assisting humanity. Don Forman’s primary focus on the best business practices and community empowerment has made himself and Don Forman Nissan dealership stand out from the rest. Many businesses are profit-oriented and would do whatever is humanly possible to earn supernormal profits, which is not what defined Don Forman. In fact, he has sacrificed his profits to help the most vulnerable in society by availing the most essential services to the people. 

No one who speaks about car dealerships in Las Vegas and beyond can ignore the commitment of Don Forman Automotive in not only offering world-class car dealership services but also demonstrating that the community in which we operate from a fundamental niche for progress.  The message Don Forman has and continues to send to the entire world is that by buying a car from them, you are assured of supporting a huge number of people who are struggling with the common challenges of life that bedevil humanity. 

But all these charity projects have not blinded the dealership from the core business which is the delivery of world-class customer service. For Don Forman, customer experience remains one of the top priority concerns. Therefore, customers looking to enjoy exceptional car dealership services can expect excellent treatment and exclusive services that are designed to suit their individual needs.

The most recent charity engagement has been helping people move through and cope with the burning effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The most affected people have been the poor and to help them see hope, Don Forman Nissan initiated a number of charity projects to help them come through these challenging times. For example, the company has invested heavily in buying masks and sanitizers and distributing them to the poor masses. Besides the company under the steady leadership of Don Forman continues to give food to the needy people who have lost incomes due to the year-long lockdown and closure of businesses. 

For many years, Don Forman Nissan has been a force to reckon with in charity and philanthropy. Under the watch of a seasoned and reputable entrepreneur Don Forman, the car dealership has partnered with some of America’s leading organizations to deliver service to the needy. A good example has been the Fox5 Surprise Squad, a Las Vegas-based group that has succeeded in putting a smile on the faces of the needy people in society. He has been on the frontline in empowering needy families to work harder and hope to achieve the goals of their lives.