Taking Optional Covers. Add-Ons To Make Your Ride Safer

Most Indians still begin their lives on a two-wheeler before moving to a car. There are several options available, which range from expensive sports bikes to the most basic moped, two-wheeler utilisation is rising. 

    • Standard Cover

All online bike insurance companies in India offer the same default insurance package. This includes obligatory third-party insurance, which protects the insured against liability to third parties in the event of injury or passing away.

‘Own Damage’, ‘Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance’, and ‘Personal Accident’ coverage is optional but necessary for paying for repairs and providing aid financially in the event of an accident. With this supplementary coverage, your car is additionally protected against theft and damage from natural catastrophes. *

Several permutations and combinations are used to calculate the premium based on the region where the vehicle is registered, the engine size, and the model of the car. 

  • Cover For Pillion Rider: 

By selecting this add-on coverage, you can protect the pillion rider (or his dependents) from financial hardship in a traffic accident resulting in passing away or disability. This cover protects all co-riders. The cost of this extra coverage is determined by the online bike insurance companies’ total coverage for each passenger.

  • Return To Invoice: 

A well-kept sports bike or cruiser may be your most prized possession, but it could also be taken. As they age, a vehicle’s value decreases over time. By selecting a return to invoice cover and paying a small additional cost, one can request a total repayment of the bike’s purchase price. This coverage only applies if the car has been declared a total loss due to theft or natural disaster damage. 

  • Daily Cash Allowance:

Adding a daily cash allowance cover would be wise if you use your two-wheeler for daily work or business commutes. If your bike is significantly damaged and requires repair at the busy service facility, you may be stranded without personal transportation for a week.

  • Roadside Assistance:

It could be disappointing if you have to change a flat tire on a weekend vacation with a friend. When clients choose the Roadside Assistance service, insurance firms offer on-site maintenance like tire repairs, fuel assistance, and battery replacements. For this, each insurer determines its own premium. Make sure you compare bike insurance online before buying one. *

Choosing optional add-ons for your insurance policy is a smart way to enhance ride safety. These additional covers address specific risks and situations not covered by standard policies, providing valuable support when needed. Customizing your coverage with these add-ons ensures your protection matches your needs, offering peace of mind while on the road. Assess your requirements and consider these add-ons for a safer ride.

A bike insurance calculator is a convenient tool you may utilise online to check the amount of coverage required based on your needs.

* Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.