Not Having A Comprehensive Travel Insurance Cover Can Pinch You Hard

Sunita Rathod, a 30-year-old Madhya Pradesh software engineer, tragically died in a traffic accident in Thailand, highlighting the importance of travel insurance.      Sunita, a software engineer by trade, was employed by a company in Bengaluru and was a native of the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur district. She arrived in Thailand on October 8 to attend a Hong Kong-based organisation’s annual conference. Her roommate in Bengaluru, who told the family on October 9 that Sunita had passed away in a car accident in Phuket, broke the news of her passing to them.

Before her trip to Thailand, Sunita neglected to buy adequate travel insurance, making it challenging for her family to return her mortal remains to India. The family’s request for assistance from the Indian regional government to return Sunita’s body made headlines recently. The situation took a long time since none of the family members possessed a passport. The Madhya Pradesh government then set aside $2,00,000 and appointed a company to transport the deceased’s remains. Sunita’s mortal remains were eventually returned to India after several difficulties. The deceased’s family has requested assistance from the government to return their loved one’s dead remains in several cases, including Sunita’s.

When arranging a trip overseas, people would only consider preparing for incidents resulting in passing away. However, it’s crucial to consider the likelihood of medical emergencies and unforeseen expenses. A travel insurance policy with emergency evacuation coverage ensures the safe return of a deceased insured’s body to their home country in case of death while traveling abroad. Those who desire a thorough approach to trip insurance will benefit from this coverage in travel insurance.*

The phrase “repatriation of mortal remains” refers to the reasonable costs of returning the insured’s body to India after passing away. The following fees are covered: embalming, cremation, coffins, and transportation.

However, it is essential to be aware that not all travel insurance plans provide “repatriation of mortal remains” coverage and the availability of this option varies greatly amongst insurers. It’s crucial to carefully review the scope of the policy’s coverage before purchasing comprehensive flight cancellation insurance coverage. Depending on their unique needs and preferences, customers must buy a plan that meets their travel needs. Before choosing insurance, it is usually advised to compare travel insurance as it will help the customer find the ideal deals and ensure they obtain the necessary coverage.*

A travel insurance premium calculator is a convenient tool you may utilise online to check the coverage needed based on your requirements.

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