Old commercial truck versus new commercial truck

It is usually a toughest decision, whether it is good to choose the new commercial truck or used the commercial truck. The decision entirely based on the task you want to perform with the truck. Whether you need a refrigerated heavy vehicle or you need a dump truck! No matter what kind of truck you are looking for, it is always good to consider certain things. If you are planning to purchase the used commercial truck or new commercial truck, consider the below-mentioned factors.

Cost of the truck:

One of the major reason why people love to have the used commercial truck is the cost of the new truck. People either can not make the heavy investment or they are short of money. As the investment is the prime concern in the initial stages, so, it is better to go for the old commercial trucks. As it is the cheaper option, so you don’t have to put any sort of burden on your pocket.


After the cost, another comes the reliability. Reliability is an important thing to have whether you are buying the newer one or the older one. Some people think that reliability is better in the case of new commercial trucks as compared to the used commercial trucks. But if you will purchase the cheap second-hand trucks [รถ บรรทุก มือ สอง ราคา ถูก, which are the term in Thai] from the genuine dealer then also you can find good reliability.


Certain people have a misconception that you can get the warranty cards on the new trucks only. But the reality is a bit different. If you are buying the truck from the genuine dealer, you can get the warranty card on them. Sometimes, you can get the warranty of some parts of the truck only. So, there is no hard and fast rule that you will get the warranty on a new truck only.

Different people have different opinions about the new and old trucks. Some people think that the former ones are better whereas some think that later ones are better. As per experts, it is good to go for the old commercial trucks from the genuine dealers.