4 Latest Security Systems to Make Your Car Theft-Proof

Your car is one of your most valuable belongings and you want to protect it from any damage, including theft.


Image Courtesy: importdirectcarsales.com.au

Fortunately technology is so advanced now that it’s quite impossible for thieves to steal a car easily.

However, with the advancement in technology, car thieves have become much smarter than before and so, it’s essential to make your car theft-proof.

1. Wheel or Steering Lock

In today’s age of advanced electronic security measures, sometimes even simple mechanical aids can help prevent car thefts.

A simple steering wheel lock might not look dazzling especially if your car has been brought to you by a reliable American car imports in Australia; but that’s what you want.

Any potential car thief that eyes a mechanical lock will know that your car will take extra effort to get away with and thus it’s a strong visual deterrent.

It has some drawbacks like having to carry the unwieldy kit around when not in use and the process of setting the devices up when you exit the car.

However, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Considering the international car shipping cost according to Import Direct Car Sales, it’s also a relatively cost-effective option deserved by your valuable car and is an effective deterrent for car thieves.

2. Alarm and Immobiliser

Several cars come with factory-installed alarms. However, if your car hasn’t, you can get an alarm fitted.

Very few systems are impassable but in most situations they will add to the time thief needs to enter and start your car, which can make them scared off and not even trying to break in at all.

Electronic systems, unlike mechanical locks, keep the appearance of your car mostly unchanged and are easy to operate. But their prices vary widely depending on quality, security level and functions.

Engine immobilisers have been made compulsory by law in all new passenger cars in Australia. Several GPS asset trackers available from specialists like Digital Matter include anti-theft remote immobilization features.

Some automakers offer their vehicles with feature-rich immobilisers that can even stop cars from being towed or even used by a valet parking service for a joyride.


Image Courtesy: importdirectcarsales.com.au

3. Kill Switch

A kill switch, similar to an immobiliser, is an electrical switch set somewhere in the car to cut an important part of the engine electronics. When it’s on, the engine won’t start.

The principle behind the switch is simple; but needs an experienced car electrician to choose the position of the switch and wire it safely to the current vehicle systems.

The effectiveness of a kill switch depends on its unique position for each car. If all cars have it in the same place, thieves would know exactly where to find it.

Thus a little inventiveness and imagination can turn a simple device into a very powerful tool for discouraging the attempts of car thefts.

4. Tracker

All the above options are designed to prevent thieves from being able to steal the vehicles in the first place. But what if the thieves still become successful?

In that case, tracking technology has proven to be very useful in tracing the vehicle and giving it back to the owner.

The system starts if the car is moved without authorisation and sends signals via mobile phone networks or GPS that locates its position.

The system however requires the help of police to spot and seize the vehicle.

Make use of the latest security systems to make your car theft-proof and enjoy peace of mind.