11 Ways To Keep Your Car Organized And Neat


Keeping your car organized and neat may sound easy enough. However, there are so many things that we forget that we bring and leave in our car. One moment the car looks tidy, the next it looks cluttered. You’re left thinking to yourself: what happened?

Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid this from happening. Included are several accessories such as using the Mercedes Benz wiring harness to ensure that all your wires are secured and neat. Below are 11 of them that can help keep your car as tidy as possible by organizing it and keeping it neat.

  1. Clean your cup holders regularly

It’s an all too familiar situation. The cup holders start out being used for cups. As they become dirty, however, you start using it as a “temporary” trash can. The next thing you know, it’s filled with receipts and breadcrumbs. Make sure you clean it to avoid this from happening.

  1. Have a bag for all the trash

With #1 in mind, you should have a bag or box inside your car where you put all your small trash in.

  1. Don’t leave your things in your car to be taken out “later”

Later can end up being never especially when you put big yet unnecessary things inside your car.

  1. Wipe the dashboard regularly

Your car’s dashboard is your vantage point for most of your time during the commute. Keeping it clean will help you create a healthy habit of cleaning your car regularly.

  1. Keep wires to a minimum

If your car has a lot of accessories and ports where you can plug wires in, you should invest in a Mercedes Benz wiring harness to ensure that all wires are kept tidy.

  1. Take out the items inside the glove compartment

Every now and then, you should clean out the glove compartment and keep only what you’ll actually need to avoid unintentional hoarding.

  1. Don’t eat inside the car

It may be tough to do but not eating inside your car can help avoid making it stink. You also won’t have to worry about crumbs falling everywhere.

  1. Schedule your car wash trips

Scheduling when to go to the car wash is ideal if you truly want to keep your car clean. Before you take your car there, make sure you clean the interior yourself to keep things organized.

  1. The trunk is not the attic

Don’t fill your car trunk with unnecessary things. If you know by yourself that you won’t use something that you have in the trunk, you should probably take it out.

  1. Buy a portable vacuum

A small vacuum can go a long way in helping keep your car clean. Once your car’s no longer filled with dust, you should start organizing the items that you have inside.

  1. Have a folder inside your car for documents

If you are someone that has to take a lot of paper with you everywhere, you should have at least one folder to store them in. An envelope will also do.

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