Why it is important to be comfortable when riding your bike

6 Ways to Make Your Riding More Comfortable

While biking helps you to stay fit, it can also be fun. However, riders, especially the new ones, experience pain in the back, neck or below the belt, even with short rides. Fortunately, there are ways to make biking comfortable. In this article, we shall discuss some important steps to help you have a ride that is calm and enjoyable.

Get a bike fit

Although bikes are available in various sizes, riders have different shapes and sizes. A bike might fit you differently from another person. To purchase a bike that is lightweight and comfortable, Visit Fowlers to get a bike fit from an expert. The experts have what is needed to help you choose the correct variables such as the handlers shape, crank length and the height of the saddle. Several motorcycle accessories in the UK offer this service to their customers.

Use the correct gear

When you are riding long distances on a bike with narrow seats, your sitting bones are bound to be painful. You can wear bike shorts that are padded to make a difference. Creams like Petal Power Joy Ride or Chamois Butt’r are available to help reduce chafing and friction while riding. For short or casual riding, you can wear regular clothes. Select a moisture-wicking jersey, tights or shorts (that won’t restrict you from changing the gears), and arm warmers to protect you from cold if you are going for a long-distance ride.

Stretch Out

Your body is bound to hurt after any long ride. For example, if you ride your bike for two hours, don’t be surprised when you are sore the next day. However, to loosen up post-ride, lower your hands behind your back and hold them together for a few seconds. You can also stretch for 40 seconds, alternating from ears –to- shoulders, chin-to-chest, and look left to right. The newbies are mostly affected by the pain and aches. Since that is common with many sports, your body will get used to longer rides and your muscles will hurt less in the long run.

Stand Straight

Correct posture is vital, even when you are not riding. Poor posture and sitting too much is the cause of neck pain. To avoid exasperating existing problems while riding, sit less, and stand more, when you are not riding. You will feel better when you are riding and also afterwards.

Get the right bike

When purchasing a new bike, select one that fits your riding style. Get a bike with a wider, low seat (to rest your feet when stopping in traffic), and an option to add a basket bag if you want to use it to visit family members, ride to work and run errands. Choose a road bike that leans you forward in a sleek position if you aim for rides with high speed. You can visit motorcycle accessories UK and choose hybrid styles if you are looking for a mixture of both.

Follow the mentioned tips to avoid suffering while riding your bike. A bike ride should not make you suffer. When riding for a long distance, choose a comfortable bike to avoid feeling pain. This allows your body to be fit and healthy.