What are the Myths Associated with Car Protection Films?

No matter how perfect your vehicle paint job may look like, but it may get worse with time. There are so many elements that can dull the paint like weather, dust, gravel etc. You can slow this process down with ease by installing car protection film or rock chip protection film from Proshield. When the film is installed correctly, this highly advanced plastic membrane is not visible and it shields your paint job from its rival factors that renders it dull because of ultraviolet radiation. As there are many films and application methods available, you may come across many mixed reviews. This article debunks some of the myths regarding the car protection films.


  • Paint protection films or PPF fades over time


If you have heard that the PPF discolors over time then it is a myth. If you still see some yellowing, know that it is just the adhesive that binds the film to the car’s body. There was a time when these adhesives caused oxidation that caused discoloration. But now those days are gone for good if you invest in a good quality film. The premium car films or adhesives are now UV resistant that keeps the discoloration at bay. If you see a discolored film on any car today, know that it has been quite a while that it has been installed or it is a very low quality film. So, always consult an expert that has positive customer reviews.


  • PPFs are not durable enough


It is an utter myth. As a matter of fact this technology was brought forth just to withstand the toughest situations and environments faced by military equipment. Certainly, every technology has its own limits, but a high quality film provides an amazing amount of protection.


  • PPFs don’t last long


When you are made aware of the fact that high quality PPFs come with manufacturer warranties, consider yourself lucky.

Facts related to PPF


  • Paint lasts longer with the urethane protection


As urethane shields from chips, atmospheric chemicals, dust abrasion and UV radiation, the paint job of your car tends to last longer, even for years when you protect it with a layer of urethane. This holds applicable on gloss as well as matte finishes.


  • PPF is self healing


PPFs are composed of multiple layers and the topmost layer is a clear coat which is composed of remoldable plastic that lets the film to heal by its own and literally flowing all the way over the minor damages. The very next layer is the sturdy urethane film and the bottom layer is the adhesive which is as flexible as the urethane.