How Often should You Service the Battery of Your Honda Car?

If you are a Honda car owner, we congratulate you for enjoying a smooth servicing experience irrespective of where you stay. Your Honda must be doing great, especially if it is new. We also know that you must be proud of your car and taking good care of it. But have you gone through the owner’s manual thoroughly? Did you check when is your upcoming maintenance date? If not, then we suggest you to go through it at your earliest to keep your Honda moving the way you want.

The Role of the Car Battery

On this context we must remind you that, apart from all the major mechanical parts, the one you should keep a check on, is the battery, reminded an experienced mechanic of the Petaluma Honda service center. It is a part without which you Honda will not agree to start. It is the car battery that stores the energy produced by the engine. On the flip side, the engine relies on the chemical reaction inside the battery in order to produce the required amount of electricity. The electrical energy stored inside the battery is used to operate several mechanisms, including the  starter motor and the ignition system, as well as the fuel system of your vehicle. Once your Honda car engine gets started, the alternator in the powertrain compartment initiates the process of supplying the electricity required to run all the systems inside the car. in the process it charges the battery to replenish the electric energy that was used while starting the car.

When the Replacement of Car Battery Becomes Essential

We know how helpless a car owner would feel, when his car doesn’t start. Though the reasons could be many, the most common scenario observed under the hood in such cases, is the battery failure.  As the car battery ages, the supply capacity of the battery amps becomes lower than its original one. Then once the amps capacity falls below a particular level, it becomes difficult and sometimes even impossible to start the car. If your Honda car has now aged for more than three years, then it is strongly recommended to get your battery checked, and if required replaced.

The car battery is also responsible of running all the Electrical components in your car including the interior light, the AC, the music system, the infotainment system, and whatever else your car is equipped with. once the battery is down, none of these can work. Hence, in the event of any electrical malfunctioning, you have no other choice but to get your car battery tested.

The team of experts at the center of Honda service near Petaluma concluded, that if you are wandering how to know for sure that your Honda car battery needs a replacement, then know its charging system will automatically turn on the warning light on your car dashboard. Whenever you find the charging system warning light coming on and staying for longer, take immediate action of calling a mechanic who will perform the basic tests to know if the battery is in fault.