All you Need to Know About Genesis Mint Concept

Genesis branched out from its parent manufacturer Hyundai, to make vehicles that would redefine luxury and push it to a new height. To achieve its goal, Genesis started with conceptualizing the designs of its vehicle that will ensure luxury through different approaches. In the last few years, Genesis has launched a handful of extremely luxurious sedans that not only inspired other brands to redesign their own models, but also think about car luxury from a different angle.

One of such latest design concepts from Genesis that revolutionized luxury car designs, is the Mint Concept, about which we came to know in detail from the experts who serve at the Riverside Genesis dealership.

What is Genesis Mint Concept

The Mint Concept is a completely new design concept from the house of Genesis that introduces a design that would perfectly match the gamut of an all-electric, purely luxury oriented car that is made for running in the city roads. it is whole new vehicle typology, that features an organic design that keeps flowing in the same tune till the interior cabin, to enhance the luxury experience of the users who need a vehicle for daily commute within the congested city roads and have to spend a lot of time before and after a hectic working day.

Typology of a New Vehicle Concept

In the recent years, the automotive industry has seen many changes right from the body styles of vehicles to the automation of driving system, leaving alone the high end infotainment and safety features that have revolutionized the act driving in totality.

The Genesis Mint Concept too is yet another revolutionizing concept of a new vehicle type that will be unusually lightweight to carry out the regular runabout tasks within the realm of the city roads. these new Mint Conceptualized Genesis models will be the embodiment of reimagination of the iconic shape that will be ideally crafted only for the city road usage, that will be perfectly tailored to the requirements of modern lifestyle which will be both highly maneuverable to ensure an exhilarating driving experience.

Crafted for the City Roads

Painted in Hunter Green matte paint, the Genesis cars made with Mint Concept will beautifully stretch as a three-box design with short front and rear overhangs. There will be use of Quad Lamps and respective top light elements that will connect with each other to form wraparound bands of light.

The Crest Grille will look more like a closed sculptural element that would break the monotony with a slight opening to keep the battery pack cooled and refreshed. Genesis is going to bestow its signature Parabolic Line wraps with a sweeping uptick movement towards the concave rear for all its models that would be made out of its Mint Concept.

Versatile Interior

The Mint Concept of Genesis will make a cozy space inside the city-bred car for two people making them feel the expanse of space. The interior comfort would be highly accentuated with a combination of premium quality lightweight textiles and cognac leather while the mullion-free windows would keep the ambience fresh and clean.

To experience the new Genesis models developed on their Mint Concept, visit any reputable Genesis showroom like that of Riverside Genesis dealer.